Mould King 17015 Lipokaier LR13000

Mould King, the best LEGO alternative, just released an engineering technic set - MOULD KING 17015 Crawler Crane Lipokaier LR13000, the highest Mould King set yet.

LR1300, which caused a heated discussion at the beginning of its birth, has a total height of 248 meters. A 200-meter high-rise building pales in comparison to the LR1300.
As a crawler crane, LR1300 plays an indispensable role in material lifting, transportation, loading and unloading and installation. Widely used in water conservancy, electric power, petrochemical, port and other large-scale construction projects.

The appearance of the prototype is restored. The main arm is 1.3 meters long, the boom is 0.8 meters long, and the lifting height can reach 2 meters. It is the highest mould king set at present.

This set consists of boom, forearm, hook, winding rope, jib, cab, track, counterweight, etc.

The highest mould king set Lipokaier LR1300-2

Equipped with a simulation running mechanism, the hoisting and luffing mechanism uses a reel to wind the steel rope, and the boom lift and luffing are controlled through the complex pulley block.

The boom, forearm, and hook can be lifted and lowered to truly simulate the crane operation scene. Equipped with counterweights to keep the fuselage balanced, the weight can be adjusted by itself.

At the same time, the functions of the prototype are simulated, and the details are not lost. The hollowed-out cab adds interest to the ornaments, the lid of the lithium battery box can be opened for easy charging, and the console can be rotated.

Highest mould king set Lipokaier LR1300