You may know AFOL (adult fans of Lego), but the world of building blocks is huge, more precisely, these people should be AFOB, adult fans of building blocks, this is our brand AFOBRICK.

LEGO is synonymous with the world of building blocks, but it's not the only one, there are many other brands that should be known, discovered and loved.

Among them, the vast majority of building block brands are from China, and now they have gotten rid of the reputation of LEGO clones and gradually become LEGO challengers, such as Mould King, Cada, Sluban, Keeppley, pantasy,sy block,SEMBO,Panlos,etc.

What is the goal of AFOBRICK?

Put high-quality building blocks at your fingertips.

We bring you 100% LEGO compatible high quality building sets,featuring many fun original designs and MOC licensed products.

What's even more exciting is that they offer near LEGO quality at 1/3 the price of LEGO, why not give it a try!

As AFOB, we not only sell products, but also hope to make friends around the world. We will bring you 100% product experience with 100% service.

We take into account price and shipping time, all orders are shipped by air, most of them will be delivered within 2 weeks,even 10 days

Thanks for visiting AFOBRICK. We are open to suggestions and customer feedback. thank you



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