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Product number: CADA C61036

New release time: 2021

Material: High-quality healthy ABS material

Brick Quantity: 3935PCS

Appearance description:
Based on the original authorized HUMVEE off-road vehicle prototype design, the exact ratio is 1:8; the cockpit details are prominent, the height of the details of the radiator grille/engine compartment/center console/steering wheel/left and right rearview mirrors/front and rear double-row seats/trunk Restore, restore the appearance of the vehicle to the greatest extent;

Function description:
A. Front and rear independent suspension system, all four wheels are equipped with independent suspension and shock absorber springs, which are independent of each other, which can reduce the tilt and vibration of the body;
B. Four-wheel drive, the horizontally opposed 8-cylinder engine of the linkage engine when the off-road vehicle starts, to ensure driving stability and balance; off-road actions can be performed by switching the differential lock.
C. The horizontally opposed 8-cylinder engine, the design of the transmission system of the simulated vehicle; the chassis structure of the simulated vehicle-bearing girder vehicle;
D. Modular design, consisting of chassis, transfer case and car shell.

Modification function:
The matching rocket launcher and machine gun can be replaced by consumers to play on the body. After replacement, the dynamic simulation function of the rocket launcher and machine gun can also be controlled by remote shifting, and the detachable bumper;

Manual function:
Manually open and close the elastic door, manually open and close the elastic rear trunk, modular car shell design, the hood and the trunk can be quickly disassembled; 4 functions are controlled by shifting the manual knob of the rear trunk: turret rotation, Cannonball launch/machine gun rotation, differential lock, front winch function;

Quickly disassemble and install the motor power group:
by installing the power group, the remote control function is realized, the remote control of the vehicle is forward, backward, the steering wheel is linked to the left and right steering, and the remote control shift control 4 functions: turret rotation, shell firing/machine gun rotation, differential lock , front winch. Front lights with LED lights forward linkage display function.



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