CaDA C61505 Ferrari Laferrari

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Designed by well-known MOC player T-lego, 1:8 static collection supercar model, the whole model has F1 element front nose, large air intake grille, wide central air dam, iconic lights, brake warning lights similar to F1 , bilateral quad exhaust, lightweight rearview mirror

4739PCS restores the appearance of the whole vehicle, and the interior is also very exciting, sports car seats, customized wheels and brake discs

The suit has a wonderful appearance and a fascinating mechanical charm.
1. Paddle shifting, four gears switching;
2. 4-speed sequential gearbox, feel the charm of mechanical transmission;
3. Variable suspension, the height can be adjusted, turn the gear to adjust the height of the front suspension, to ensure the stable form of the sports car;
4. The steering wheel turns to the linkage wheel, and the suspension tilts at the same time
5. The double-sided butterfly doors can be opened, the front cover can be opened, and the rear hood can be opened, so that it is convenient to appreciate the iconic V12 engine; the engine is linked to the wheels
6. The rear wing is lifted and linked to the diffuser, and the lever is adjusted to adjust the angle of the rear wing and diffuser

about the author:
Designer Thijs de Boer, I am a mechanical student at Delft Institute of Technology. I am passionate about cars and engineering. In my models, I try to reproduce the body contours and interiors of real cars as accurately as possible. Structure, these are reflected in the model of my design. My goal is to learn from and be inspired by other passionate builders like me, I hope to design more models like this in the future

Product number: CADA C61505

New release time: 2022

Material: High-quality healthy ABS material

Brick Quantity: 4739PCS


Size: 59.7 × 27.3 × 13.5 cm



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Customer Reviews

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Tadeusz Wielgus

CaDA C61505 Ferrari Laferrari

Marc Terroir

Very very complicated , number 6 befin these.morning .... heu .... a nightmare ... a joke of course... great kit I love it

Viva Supercar (Ferrari LaFerrari)

Overall, the CaDa C61505 – Viva Supercar (aka Ferrari LaFerrari) is one of the best non-Lego Technic sets currently available that I have built so far. Okay, the instructions weren't really perfect here and there and there were still a few parts to get, but the end result is really impressive. If CaDa now learns that their customers are not beta testers and have slightly better quality control, the market leader would have to dress even warmer.

The LeFerrari is definitely not a beginner's set and has its snags here and there, but in the end it's a lot of fun to build and it also offers really great building techniques that can inspire. Unless you tear the outer shell, the car is quite stable. If you hold it under at the front and rear, you can carry the LeFerrari around just fine.

The basic construction is extremely stable and is almost indestructible out of the category. The outer skin, on the other hand, is rather fragile and doesn't like it at all if you touch it in the wrong place. Not that the LeFerrari will crumble at the slightest touch, but don't pick it up or push it around without thinking first.

By the way, I didn't notice the color deviations that some people claim to have seen on the model. I looked at the LeFerrari from all sides in daylight and also in artificial light and the color tone of red was identical everywhere. It may be partly due to the pictures on the web, where the smooth and matt surfaces look a little different. I have no other explanation for it.

The assembly instructions are not really a riddle at all, almost all connection points are always well represented and very often also with an extra little picture, so that you know exactly where something belongs.

Where CaDa's Humvee still had the LEGO-typical "color plague" in the technical part of the structure, everything on the CaDa C61505 Viva Supercar is tone-on-tone or not colourful. The aesthetes will be happy!

The parts quality has made another significant step forward compared to the Ferrari 488 Pista (CaDa C61042). The pins of the Ferrari 488, which were still a bit loose at times, now sit tight and firmly in the desired place on the LeFerrari. The classic clamping blocks have also been equipped with a significantly higher clamping force. With the LeFerrari, everything stays where it belongs. Otherwise, the parts are not badly scratched, nor were there any miscasts or missing parts in the set!

All in all, the CaDa C61505 - Viva Supercar (aka Ferrari LaFerrari) is an almost perfect set, with actually only two weaknesses worth mentioning and these are the somewhat filigree additions to the outer skin and the not entirely correct original instructions from CaDa. From my point of view, both are bearable, because if you know where to grab and lift the car, you can easily carry it around and for the instructions there is a fix sheet by Thijs de Boer and the parts you need don't cost not so much money, if you don't already have them in your inventory.

Finally, I would like to thank Thijs de Boer for another great set. But you might not grab a Ferrari next time! Not that I don't like the cars or the brand, quite the opposite, but I didn't want to open a Ferrari collection!

Quality of the bricks (clamping force and color fidelity): 10/10
Comprehensibility of the building instructions: 9.5/10
Buildability: 9.5/10
Missing parts: none

The entire construction diary is also available at (German language)

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