Cada C66006 Japanese steamed bun house 1108pcs

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1. Japanese-style homestay style bun shop, the building is divided into upper and lower floors, the first floor is a shop, and the second floor is a private house
2. The first floor: food table, stools, plant landscape, signboards, spotlights, street signs, vending machines, outdoor air conditioners, telephone poles, etc.
Second floor: details of smoke flushing, air conditioner outdoor unit, sewage pipe, etc.
Interior: stairs, bedroom (computer, bed, wardrobe, air conditioner)

Product Features:
1. The entire back wall of the steamed bun shop can be opened, and the internal details of the first and second floors can be seen.
2. The product has a USB light module, which can illuminate the bedroom and the interior of the store.

Numbering: CaDA C66006

Recommend Age: 8+y

Pieces: 1108pcs

Size:12.8 × 15.2 × 24.3 cm

Block Size: Small building block(Compatible with Lego)

Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Barbora Stýblová

The Cada itself is amazing. There is a lot of cute details and the light is so cool. There were some delivery issues but thats also fault of post in my country. I had to send some emails to afobricks and then they solve all the problems so everythink good.

Great set

its nice, looks really cool. There were some parts missing tho

a very nice looking building with very good bricks

The Steamed Bun House from Manufacturer CaDa & Designer ExeSandbox is an intriguing build. It is a deviation from the standard of the big modular insofar that it is a build on a smaller footprint (19x16 studs) and the whole back of the building is one giant "door" to look into the beautiful crafted interior.
Also it comes with a USB powered LED-strip. The designer ExeSandbox used very intricate building techniques. Some features of the build are innovative and look very real life realistic like the electricity pole or the ventilation system on the back.
The quality of the system-bricks from manufacturer CaDa are of a superb quality. I didn't apply the stickers because I prefer my bricks pure or printed. Nonetheless the build looks very impressive and beautiful-
5 stars out of 5 stars for the designer,
5 stars out of 5 stars for the building
4,9 stars out of 5 stars for the bricks (0,1 stars less because of the stickers)

5 of 5 for the whole set
I can highly recommend the experience and the finished product.

O. Jäschke

This is an amazing build. Extremely lovely details. Surprising building techniques. This is as genious as brick builds can be. You will not be disappointed. Not by the building process, not by the result.
The only thing I would have loved, would have been prints instead of stickers.
But I understand, that that just isnt doable at that price, - which is a real bargain for what you get.
So, all in all, HIGHLY recommended.

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