Panlos 628012 Type 1130 CIWS

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Panlos 628012 has two kinds of static and remote control, the gun barrel can be turned up and down, and the turret can be rotated 360 degrees

The model restores the photoelectric infrared detection, radar, magazine, etc.

The H/PJ-11 11-tube 30mm naval gun (Type 1130 CIWS) is an 11-tube 30mm rotary tube rapid-fire gun short-range defense weapon system developed by China. It is equipped with 11 barrels and 2 bomb bays. . It can lock more than 40 targets at a time. The maximum firepower is 10,000 rounds per minute, or about 166 rounds per second

It is a short-range defense weapon system (CIWS) that uses 11 tubes of 30 mm caliber rotary tube type rapid-fire guns. It is installed on the base of an automatic turret and is equipped with radar, optical, and infrared tracking systems. Ship missiles, aircraft and other weapons, close-in defense guns will quickly aim and shoot down approaching aircraft with 30 mm caliber shells, forming the last line of defense for ships such as aircraft carriers.

Numbering: Panlos 628012

Recommend Age: 6+y

Pieces: 1087pcs

Size: 23*18*18cm

Block Size: Small building block

Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic


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Soldiers Brickcamp
Einfach nur Geil!

Hier hat Panlos mal was ganz anderes gemacht. Ein CIWS Geschütz mit PF wo auch noch echt gut aussieht und hält.
Einziges Manko sind die Sticker was ich von Panlos nicht gewohnt bin.
Für mehr info´s schaut gerne in mein Video. YouTube video placeholder

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