QUANGUAN 100276 T34/76 Medium Tank Model 1941

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Quanguan's new product proportionally restores the T-34/76 medium tank. The entire vehicle uses printed parts to restore every detail. The wide track design makes it more grippy and smoother.

The overall body is in quick-release mode, and the internal structure is restored in detail, with a cockpit and engine compartment.

Double cockpit, the driver can enter the cabin to control, and the co-pilot can assist. There is an observation hole in front of the cockpit to facilitate the driver to observe the close combat situation.

The 360° rotating turret allows the commander to stand in the turret and conduct all-round command. The engine can be assembled independently and installed in the engine compartment. The engine compartment door can be opened to facilitate maintenance by logistics personnel.

The 76mm main gun equipment provides powerful firepower, and its power can repel enemy forces. In terms of firepower, protection and mobility, the T-34/76 medium tank achieved a balanced design, making it one of the iconic tanks during World War II.

Comes with 4 minifigures including the commander, wounded soldier, driver, and gunner, as well as a variety of weapons, guns, and ammunition. The gameplay is diverse and the assembly is more interesting.

Numbering: 100276

Recommend Age: 6+y

Pieces: 1013pcs

Size: 11.3*22*9.4cm

Block Size: Small building block

Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic


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